Self-Care Program

Current classes available

All self-care classes can be offered in-person or virtually, dependent on the survivors request. Self-care classes are to reflect the survivors' interests and help build a successful future moving forward.
  • • R.A.D Women's Self-Defense
    • Yoga Classes
    • Creative Writing and Journaling
    • Essential Oils
    • Meditation Circles
    • Therapeutic Horseback Riding
    • Reiki and Crystal Work
    • Drama Classes
    • Empowerment Classes
    • Financial Empowerment Classes

what are they?

YW CARES provides advocacy and support to survivors of crime by utilizing empowering activities and services that help to improve resiliency- specifically those whose lives have been impacted by violent acts of crime.

  1. Our goal is to improve resiliency in survivors by offering complementary classes that are focused on uplifting and restoring a clients' "sense of purpose", and to help inspire a healthier outlook on life

    Self-Care classes are offered to all survivors ages 17-24, and can be customized to the goals and desires of the survivor

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Advocates respond immediately, in real time, to provide support in whatever way is needed.

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We provide emotional, spiritual and physical support in the form of
Self-Care Classes.

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Get involved

Volunteers and Interns are welcome to join the YW CARES team for events and supervised experience.

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restorative healing,
well-being &
post traumatic growth

What is post-traumatic growth?
  1. "Research suggests the between 30% and 70% of individuals who experience trauma also report positive change and growth coming out of a traumatic experience."
    - Joseph Butler, 2010
  2. By placing emphasis on a survivors strengths, our hope is to facilitate success and positivity within an individual through emotional, physical and spiritual support
It is essential that survivors have a voice and that voice should be heard!

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