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they will come!

  • YW CARES can receive referrals from survivors themselves, hospitals, law enforcement, schools, Courts, and other community organizations

    YW CARES advocates provide crisis support, Court advocacy services, referrals to community resources as requested, accompaniment to medical appointments, transportation and on-going case management support
  • Advocates respond immediately, in real time, to provide support in whatever way is needed
  • Simply call 423-956-2300

who do we serve?

  1. YW CARES works with survivors of any crime between the ages of 17 and 24, and we are non-gender specific

    We serve individuals that have experienced: dating violence, stalking, harassment, bullying, child abuse or neglect, domestic violence, sexual assault, physical assault, human trafficking, identity theft, or any other trauma caused by another person
  2. After 5:00 PM on weekend and holidays, YW CARES may serve any survivor of any crime within our community to provide immediate support, guidance and emergency provisions and will refer to requested day-time services the following business day

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Our Resources

Advocates respond immediately, in real time, to provide support in whatever way is needed.

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We provide emotional, spiritual and physical support in the form of
Self-Care Classes.

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Get involved

Volunteers and Interns are welcome to join the YW CARES team for events and supervised experience.

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as long as needed

  1. YW CARES understands that meaningful change does not happen overnight

    We begin with creating a personalized advocacy action plan to reflect the needs and desires of each survivor, along with a wellness assessment to identify other needs that can be addressed through YW CARES
  2. Our advocates continue to support survivors as long as they need it
  3. YW CARES provides regular supportive check-ins and will make adjustments as needed

how can we help?

  1. YW CARES Services Include:

    • Immediate Advocacy, 24/7/365
    • Assistance with Victim Compensation and Orders of Protection
    • Court advocacy and preparation
    • Individual Self-Care Classes (in person or virtual) 
    • Transportation to appointments and classes related to victimization
  2. Referrals to Other Providers:

    • Therapy Services
    • Legal Aid
    • Emergency Housing

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